GE Aviation Systems and AVIC Systems added to C919 supplier list

The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) has announced that GE Aviation Systems and AVIC Systems, the partners to a proposed AVIC–GE joint venture, have been selected to provide the avionics core processing system, display system and onboard maintenance system for the C919 single-aisle family.

The AVIC–GE joint venture will support COMAC for avionics integration for the C919.

“China is the world’s fastest-growing aviation market and we need to ensure GE and the United States are part of this growth,” noted John Rice, vice-chairman of GE. “Our participation helps GE to grow high-tech jobs and capabilities, while serving the aviation market with the latest commercial technology. The C919 programme will support hundreds of jobs in US, China and the UK.”

The C919 modular avionics system provided by the JV will be the central information system and backbone of the aeroplane’s networks and electronics and will host its avionics, maintenance and utility functions. The system replaces the numerous traditional, standalone computers fitted to aircraft flying today, thus creating weight savings, improved reliability and reducing operating cost.

The integrated avionics systems that JV will provide for the C919 include:
• Open-architecture, integrated modular avionics core processing system
• Flight deck large-area display system
• Onboard maintenance system
• Flight recording system.

“The immediate focus of our joint venture is to jointly offer the best, competitive solutions for the COMAC C919 and we are very happy with this successful outcome,” commented Lorraine Bolsinger, president and CEO for GE Aviation Systems.

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