Gama Engineering joins ERA

Gama Engineering has announced that it has become a full member of the European Regions Airlines Association (ERA).

The company says its key objective as a member of the ERA is to proactively support regional aircraft operators as they transition their fleets to the next generation of avionics.

The advent of EGNOS-LPV, CPLDC, SESAR and so on affords ERA member airlines significant opportunities to offer safer, more reliable and cost effective services, says Gama, which believes it is well placed to guide and assist ERA members through the “plethora of regulation emulating from the EU in general and EASA in particular and also take timely advantage of available funding from these bodies to upgrade their fleets”.

Gama Engineering was recently established at Fairoaks Airport, near Heathrow, bringing together the combined talents and expertise of both Lees Avionics and Mann Aviation Group Engineering (MAGE).

“I am very proud that the ERA have accepted our application for membership”, said Gama Engineering Ltd MD Harry Lees. “ERA members face many challenges. My aim is to ensure that they can take full advantage of all the opportunities the next generation of avionics affords them in terms of not only safety and reliability but also that their customers are able to further enjoy the benefits that regional airlines afford in maintaining essential air links which support both the economic and social well being of some of Europe remoter communities.”

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