GA-Finance re-brands as TrueNoord Regional Aircraft Leasing

Amsterdam-based GA-Finance has announced a change of name and will now be known as TrueNoord Regional Aircraft Leasing.

Established in 2002 by its CEO Anne-Bart Tieleman, who was joined by COO Joost Schlatmann in 2007, the business specialises in leasing solutions for the regional aircraft market. The new branding as TrueNoord coincides with the conclusion of a capital increase programme resulting in an investment from the private equity firm Bregal Freshstream.

Additionally, TrueNoord has also expanded its management team with the addition of Angus von Schoenberg as Chief Investment Officer. With his extensive experience in the regional aircraft market, including consultancy work for the European Regions Airline Association (ERA), von Schoenberg will be responsible for the investment process for TrueNoord as it seeks to expand its fleet.

“This is a dynamic and pivotal time for the company. There are many opportunities in the dedicated regional aircraft leasing sector,” Tieleman explained. “With the capital increase coming from Bregal Freshstream and the enhancement of our management team, we are now poised to drive substantial growth as we expand our regional aircraft leasing business around the world.”

Bregal Freshstream chief investment officer, Rayhan Davis, added, “TrueNoord is well placed to see significant growth in a rapidly expanding market. The company’s management team have a strong financial understanding of the forces shaping the market, first-rate industry relationships, and a track record of success, so we are very much looking forward to working with them.”

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