Frontier makes Aspen service year-round with Q400s

Frontier Airlines will continue to serve the Aspen market with its Bombardier Q400, operating one daily roundtrip flight between 18 April and 5 June at which point Frontier will increase summer service to four daily roundtrip flights.

“In the midst of a great winter season in the market, we are very pleased to continue serving the Aspen community,” commented Daniel Shurz, vice-president of strategy and planning. “In addition to providing our guests convenient access to this top travel destination, we are just as pleased to continue serving the Aspen community with Frontier’s affordable non-stop service.”

Frontier intended to suspend service to Aspen in April 2011, when it planned to remove the remaining Q400 aircraft from its fleet. After making some changes to its fleet plan for the upcoming year the carrier decided to keep the remaining unsold Q400s and continue its popular Aspen service.

Frontier has four remaining Q400s in its fleet with which it will primarily serve Aspen, Colorado Springs and Durango.

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