Frontier amends IFE offerings

Frontier Airlines has announced changes to its inflight entertainment (IFE) lineup designed to provide more programming and variable pricing, ranging from $3.99 to $7.99, based on length of travel, with the changes scheduled to take effect on 1 July 2012.

“We constantly hear from our customers how much they appreciate the option of our DIRECTV service onboard our Airbus fleet and we are happy to provide an even better product at a better price,” explained Dan Krause, Frontier’s vice-president of marketing and customer experience. “The bundled pricing for both 24 channels of DIRECTV and movie service provides a greater value to our customers and we believe the variable pricing based on length of travel will allow even more customers to enjoy this service on their next Frontier flight.”

The new bundled pricing that includes 24 channels of DIRECTV and three first-run movie channels comprises: flights less than two hours – $3.99; flights from 2 to 3.5 hours – $5.99; flights longer than 3.5 hours – $7.99.

The new bundled product will be included in all Classic and Classic Plus tickets, as well as for Frontier’s EarlyReturns Ascent and Summit members. Customers purchasing Classic and Classic Plus fares and flying on Airbus aircraft will now get access to movies as well the 24 channels of DIRECTV, further increasing the value of these fares, which also include two checked bags, lower fees, and access to better seating.

Previously, Frontier charged a flat $6.00 fee for access to the 24 channels of DIRECTV service and a flat $8.00 fee for access to the first-run movie channels on all flights. The new bundled service will give customers both entertainment options for one lower price. Customers on flights less than two hours will enjoy access to the 24 channels of DIRECTV service and a lineup of pre-recorded shows.

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