Fourth SSJ100 prototype flies to Zhukovsky

The fourth Sukhoi Superjet 100 flight test prototype SN95005 has been flown from the assembly plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur to the Zhukovsky-based Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company flight test centre to continue the flight certification campaign.

Campaign tests to be undertaken by this aircraft include the evaluation of onboard equipment and, together with 95004, systems failure safety. SN95005 will carry out tests on both fire protection and inert gas systems. The SSJ100 is the first Russian aircraft to feature an inert gas system. Its implementation is a must to enhance flight safety, according to the American and European aviation authorities.

The inert gas system fills the fuel tank with nitrogen deployed from the air in proportion to the fuel consumed. Its application enables the prevention of fire and detonation of fuel fumes in case of unfortunate critical landing, in particular, when the aircraft touches the runway with the wing.

Later, SN95005 will be the vehicle for first customer’s pilot training.

“Today the entire company is focused on certification campaign and aircraft production for our first customers,” declared Vladimir Prisyazhnyuk, president of SCAC. “By the end of April we expect to power the first ramp-up production aircraft 95007. The key factor now is to have all partners on the project making every effort to reach the outlined milestones.”

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