Former CEO returns to the role at Iceland Express

Iceland Express has, for a second time, appointed Birgir Jónsson as CEO, five years after he left the role at the airline.

Jónsson has replaced Matthías Imsland and says he is looking forward to taking up the challenge to grow the airline further, following the airline’s most successful summer since the company’s creation in 2003.

“I am looking forward to working alongside the outstanding team at Iceland Express and moving the company forward into a new era. Iceland Express has experienced phenomenal growth over the past few years with its USA expansion and I will drive this forward to ensure our valued customers receive competitive prices, regular routes and excellent service,” declared Jónsson.

As Iceland Express’s CEO from 2004-2006 Jónsson has a wealth of knowledge about the company, particularly its fledgling years. Jónsson re-joins the company, leaving his most recent position as CEO of Infropress Group.

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