Fokker Services, Piedmont renew MRO services contract

Fokker Services has renewed its contract with Piedmont Aviation Component Services for the maintenance of the Honeywell APU 36 50R and APU 36-150RR of the Fokker 70 and Fokker 100, prolonging the original contract signed in April 2000 until May 2017.

The contract is a power-by-the-hour-type agreement which has worked to increase the reliability of the APUs

Piedmont Aviation Component Services is based in Kernersville, North Carolina, and specialises in the maintenance support of regional aircraft landing gear and Honeywell’s auxiliary power unit (APUs).

“Piedmont has showed great responsibility, these past ten years, to make this support the success of today”, remarked Erik Goedhart, vice president marketing & sales of Fokker Services.” The co-operation with Piedmont perfectly fits in our FLYFokker innovative life cycle support programme for the Fokker fleet. We are looking forward to the continuation of the contract for another many years to come.”

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