FlyNonstop files for bankruptcy

FlyNonstop has announced that it has petitioned for bankruptcy, meaning that all flights ended at 06:00 on 29 October.
Customers have been directed to contact their credit card company/bank with ticket reference and payment receipt to get their ticket costs refunded, while the company offered advice and guidance on how to deal with rebooking/purchase of new tickets for their journey.
SAS stepped in to help customers with a ticket reference from FlyNonstop by offering the opportunity to purchase new tickets at a special adjusted price from SAS, provided that there were available seats on the desired travel date and destination. FlyNonstop believed the possibility that the majority of its customers would find a suitable ticket alternative to the original itinerary would be very good.
In the statement on its website, the airline commented, “We will once again lament the burden placed on you, the passengers, but unfortunately we at FlyNonstop could no longer be able to meet the company's obligations. We therefore realise that we had to close down the operation. This is a sad day for you, our customers, and for us at FlyNonstop.”

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