Flybe launches multi-stop FlyShuttle

From 26 October, Flybe is to offer a new service – FlyShuttle – designed to give customers the opportunity to travel all the way from Jersey to Aberdeen on one flight, with brief stops at Southampton and Leeds.

This ‘hop-on, hop off’ service will operate three times a day both northbound and southbound.

To satisfy customer demand, FlyShuttle re-instates both Flybe’s Southampton to Leeds service and adds a fifth daily flight, the popular 07:00 departure, from Jersey to Southampton. It also provides Southampton customers with convenient daily flights to and from Aberdeen and, southbound, supports the cruise-ship sector by providing regular flights for those taking cruises from Southampton.

The FlyShuttle schedule originates at both northbound and southbound destinations with first flights departing Aberdeen and Jersey at 07:00. Customers can purchase tickets either for direct connections between any of the four airports, or stay on board whilst passengers embark and disembark at airports on the way to their final destination.

Paul Simmons, Flybe’s chief commercial officer, explained, “FlyShuttle is a convenient and affordable concept giving our customers extra choice and additional connectivity for everyday air travel.

“Designed to be used as a ‘shuttle bus service in the sky’ all the way between Jersey in the south and Aberdeen in the north, we are again showing that we are ‘the fastest way from A to Flybe’, faster than road or rail – and certainly more affordable,” Simmons continued. “By enhancing the number of routes, connections and frequencies we already operate, FlyShuttle is the perfect progression as the airline works to become Europe’s Best Local Airline. It’s a product that sets us apart and we are genuinely excited to be shaping the future of regional air travel.”

Operated by Flybe’s 78-seat Bombardier Q400 turboprops, the total journey time between Southampton and Aberdeen will be just over three hours. This includes the brief connection times when through-passengers and their luggage stay on board.

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