FlightSafety’s E-170/190 FFS achieves Level D

FlightSafety International has announced that its Embraer 170/190 interchangeable flight simulator located at its learning centre in St Louis, has been qualified to Level D by the US FAA.

“The FAA’s Level D qualification of our Embraer 170/190 interchangeable simulator demonstrates FlightSafety’s commitment to provide Embraer aircraft operators with flexible and efficient training programmes and our ability to design and manufacture advanced technology training devices that qualify to the highest standards,” remarked Bruce Whitman, FlightSafety’s president & CEO.

FlightSafety provides training for Embraer aircraft at nine locations using a fleet of 24 full flight simulators and other advanced training devices. This includes the recent addition of Amsterdam, Curitiba in Brazil, Singapore and Zurich.

FlightSafety and Embraer continue to develop new training programmes, update existing courses, and determine the timing and location of additional flight simulators and other training equipment needed to support Embraer aircraft operators worldwide.

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