First SSJ100 Type Rating Recovery Courses completed by SJI

SuperJet International (SJI) reports that it has successfully completed the first stage of Type Rating Recovery Courses for pilots, flight attendants and maintenance staff.

The Recovery Courses involved 48 pilots and had a duration of 69 days, included 384 flight hours and 236 flights on board of the Sukhoi Superjet 100. The lessons engaged SJI instructors, Aeroflot and Armavia crews, together with 27 flight attendants and 69 maintenance technicians with different skills and background.

The type training for technicians took place at the customer site with the use of SSJ100 customer aircraft for the practical sessions. Starting a week after the Russian Type Certification of the aircraft, SJI maintenance instructors dedicated 850 hours in 140 days to transfer SSJ100 knowledge and competency for safe maintenance.

The first Type Rating Recovery Courses were accomplished in accordance with the Russian Federal Aviation (RosAviaciya) and the European EASA Regulations. Conducted in English, the sessons were managed by SJI’s international team from Italy, Russia, Lithuania, USA and Germany.

“We are really satisfied with this successful achievement which proves our expertise and reliability,“ remarked Carlo Logli, CEO of SuperJet International. “This is a considerable step ahead in the training activity of SJI and a clear indication of our willingness to provide customers with high quality services, both in Venice and Moscow. In this way we will guarantee exactly what airlines and passengers need.”

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