First production E175 with upgrades rolled out by Embraer

Embraer Commercial Aviation has completed the assembly of the first production E175 featuring a range of aerodynamic improvements that reduce fuel burn compared with the previous production aircraft.

The modifications include the introduction of a new wingtip device, systems optimisation, and streamlining of aerodynamic surfaces. The first customer delivery – to United Express – of the upgraded E175 is expected in the coming weeks.

Embraer says the modified E175 aircraft “recorded impressive results during several months of performance trials. Fuel consumption on a typical flight is 6.4% lower than the original E175, exceeding earlier-reported savings of up to 5%”.

“The 6.4% fuel consumption reduction demonstrates the expertise of our development and manufacturing teams and partners, and our commitment to provide our customers with the best product to keep them competitive,” commented Paulo Cesar Silva, president & CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation. “We are delivering, on schedule, an aeroplane unique to the market. With the most comfortable passenger cabin in the 70 to 90-seat category, the E175 is the aeroplane with the lowest operating cost in its class.”

With these improvements, the E175 has become a best-seller in its category. In 2013, four airlines in the USA (Republic Airways, United Airlines, SkyWest Inc, and American Airlines) placed 177 firm orders, 60 re-confirmable orders and 277 options for the E175.

Besides reduced fuel burn, other E175 improvements over the current generation of E-Jets include longer maintenance intervals, increased productivity and lower maintenance costs. These improvements are designed to ensure that the aircraft remains competitive until the E175-E2 goes into operation in 2020, when it will offer even greater operating efficiency.

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