First production CFM LEAP-1As now at Airbus

CFM International has delivered the first shipset of two production engines for Airbus two days ahead of schedule, paving the way for installation on the first customer A320neo and subsequent entry into service by mid-year.

The name of the initial LEAP/A320neo delivery customer will be disclosed later.

“It is a very proud day for us,” noted François Bastin, CFM’s executive vice-president. “The team has done an incredible job to keep this programme on track. The engine continues to perform exceptionally well in flight tests and we can’t wait for our airline customers to introduce it into their fleets.”

The LEAP-1A flew for the first time on the Airbus A320neo on 19 May 2015. A second A320neo was added to the test programme in September last year and, in February 2016, the LEAP engine was the first to power the new A321neo. To date, the three aircraft have logged a combined total of more than 285 flights and more than 800 hours of flight testing.

“The next challenge is entry into service,” added Bastin’s fellow executive vice-president Allen Paxson. “We have been working closely with our customers on tooling and training and have been stress-testing our support infrastructure for several months. We expect the LEAP-1A commercial introduction to be one of the smoothest we have ever had.”

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