First LEAP-1B engines delivered to Boeing by CFM

CFM International has handed over the first LEAP-1B engines to Boeing to support factory rollout of the first 737 MAX aircraft before year-end and first flight in early 2016.

“The entire team has done an outstanding job getting the LEAP-1B engine to this point,” declared Allen Paxson, executive vice-president of CFM International. “We have put this engine through thousands of test hours and cycles on the ground and in the air on our own 747 flying testbed and we are thrilled with the results we have achieved. The more we see of this engine, the more confident we become that it will deliver the performance, reliability, and durability we have promised. We believe Boeing and our airline customers are going to be very pleased with this engine.”

“The delivery of the first LEAP-1B engines for the new 737 MAX ushers in the next era of our successful partnership with CFM International,” added Keith Leverkuhn, vice-president and general manager, 737 MAX. “The engines will meet the commitment we made to our customers to provide industry-leading fuel efficiency, reliability and maintainability in the single-aisle market.”

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