First ATR 72-600 for Caribbean Airlines delivered

Caribbean Airlines has taken delivery in Toulouse of its first ATR 72-600, the first aircraft from an order for nine of these type.

The aircraft are all being configured with 68 seats and equipped with the new ATR -600s standards of comfort, including inflight entertainment.

With the incoming ATR 72-600 fleet, Caribbean Airlines will replace its fleet of five 50-seat Bombardier Q300s. The airline will use the aircraft to add capacity and develop new routes and frequencies within Trinidad and Tobago. Caribbean Airlines will also operate some of its new ATR 72-600s in the domestic route network of Air Jamaica, which was recently acquired by Trinidad and Tobago’s flag carrier.

Commenting on the first delivery, Robert Corbie, acting chief executive officer of Caribbean Airlines, declared, “The introduction of this very first ATR 72-600 aircraft marks a real milestone in our national aviation. It represents the arrival of the most modern and cost-efficient regional turboprop aircraft into our country. It will bring even better connectivity and comfort to our passengers, at optimal fares.”

Filippo Bagnato, chief executive officer of ATR, responded, “We are proud of including such a fast growing and dynamic carrier as Caribbean Airlines among our list of operators. The new ATR -600s are becoming really popular aircraft among Latin American and Caribbean carriers. There will be some 60 ATR -600s operating soon in the region.”

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