First Aeroflot flight crew training course for SSJ100 completed

SuperJet International (SJI) has completed the first Sukhoi Superjet 100 flight crew training course for Aeroflot pilots at its training centre in Moscow.

The 24-day courses involved three flight crews (six pilots) in classroom sections which required the use of CBT (computer based training), a level 5 FTD (flight training device), based in Zhukovsky plus the use of a FPTD (flight procedure training device).

Flight training also involved the use of SSJ100 Serial Number 5. Upon completion of the training, Aeroflot Crews were certified by Federal Air Transport Agency (Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation).

“I am proud and honoured to be one of the first airline pilots who took to the air in the new Russian aircraft,” stated Eugene Voronin, chief of the Aeroflot SSJ100 pilots’ team. “The aircraft is reasonably easy to control. I was really impressed and I greatly appreciated its cockpit. The SSJ100 differs from the cockpit of any other Russian aircraft. It is comfortable, spacious, with a wonderful field of view and a side-stick instead of a control column. I am sure that our passengers will enjoy the flight on the SSJ100 as well.”

“It is a major step ahead for SuperJet International,” remarked Carlo Logli, chief executive officer of SJI. “This proves that the SJI Training Team is ready to provide training courses on the SSJ100 for pilots, flight attendants and maintenance staff of airlines in Russia and in other countries. Specific training programmes for Aeroflot pilots have been developed in order to ensure the right entry level training. The initial training activities have been performed through the support of Sukhoi test pilots and the SJI international team of top-level flight and maintenance instructors. SuperJet International is working hard in order to meet customers needs and maximise the aircraft’s availability. I am confident that the set up of a professional and experienced training organisation will guarantee a smooth entry into service of the SSJ100.”

Photo shows Carlo Logli, chief executive officer of SuperJet International (left) shaking hands with Eugene Voronin, chief pilot of Aeroflot, watched by Vladimir Prisyazhnyuk, president of Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company.

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