Firefly’s direct debit facility gives options to customers

Firefly has linked up with with and CIMB Clicks to offer direct debit options on its website as an added convenience to passengers.

Firefly’s head of marketing and communications, Angelina Corrina Fernandez, explained, “With the introduction of and CIMB Clicks as direct debit options, we are now able to reach out to a larger customer base and provide them with new and convenient options of making online payment through our website. The introduction of direct debit payment facility will be especially beneficial to the youth and young working adults segments who now have convenient, easy access to our special promotional deals, available only through online purchases.

“We’re currently getting an average of 300 direct debit users since both direct debit facilities went live,” Fernandez reported. “We will be continuously working with more banks to roll out more direct debit payment options and we are also working out more payment channel options.”

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