Esterline’s CMA-5024 approved on A320

Esterline Avionics Systems, recognised globally for its CMC Electronics brand of cockpit systems integration and avionics solutions, has announced that PMV Engineering has obtained EASA approval to upgrade the older generation GPSSU with CMC’s CMA-5024 GLSSU on the A320 family of aircraft.

The CMA-5024 SBAS GPS landing system sensor unit is an approved DO-260B ADS-B positioning source that may be paired with any DO-260B transponder. It can be coupled with ADS-B Out STCs to meet the mandatatory ABS-B Out requirements.

The company says the advantage of the PMV Engineering solution is reduced install and downtime for the A320 family of aircraft, as it involves a form, fit and function replacement of the existing GPS unit, without the need for structural modifications.

The CMA-5024 also allows the aircraft to take advantage of SBAS navigation throughout all phases of flight.

The company says similar solutions are on-going for B747-400 and B777-200 aircraft.

Esterline Avionics Systems, which has  manufacturing operations in Canada, the United States and Belgium, has also introduced the new CMC Electronics CMA-6024 Global Positioning System (GPS) precision aircraft approach sensor.

The system supports both Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS LP/LPV) and Ground-Based Augmentation Systems (GBAS GLS) and as a standard-fit ARINC 743C compliant receiver, it can be integrated into a wide range of new-build or in-service aircraft.

The CMA-6024 will be certified to the current and upcoming regulatory requirements and is also certified to Design Assurance Level A. As a DAL-A certified receiver, the company say it meets or exceeds the stringent requirements in support of CAT-III B precision approaches.

The system includes a high performance GPS/SBAS/GBAS receiver and a complementary, state-of-the-art, Very High Frequency Data Broadcast (VDB) receiver, designed for easy and seamless installation in a challenging retrofit or new-build aircraft environment.

The CMA-6024 has also been certifiably tested, and is built to withstand demanding RTCA/DO160 environmental aviation requirements, which the company say results in high reliability and “superior” mean time between failures.

The CMA-6024 delivers SBAS LP/LPV and GBAS GLS across helicopter, regional, business, and air transport aircraft in a range of environments and will start delivery in the last quarter of 2018.

Image: Esterline Avionics Systems has announced the new CMA-6024 Global Positioning System (GPS) precision aircraft approach sensor from CMC Electronics, that supports Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS LP/LPV) and Ground-Based Augmentation Systems (GBAS GLS).


Written by: Mark Thomas

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