FARNBOROUGH 2016: Swiss ready for CS100 service

Swiss has declared itself ready for the first commercial airline service of the Bombardier CS100 on 15 July, having brought its first aircraft to the airshow for a day of exhibiting.

The airline’s chief technology officer, Peter Wojahn, expressed his delight with the reliable and amicable partnership that the airline and the OEM have developed. He emphasised, however, that Swiss is a demanding customer. “Yes we are friends, but we are here to make money and I’m not paid to be nice to anybody,” he quipped half in jest.

But Wojahn also stressed that Bombardier has been living up to its claims. “We are getting the fuel consumption that we were promised,” he remarked, “That means lower emissions and, especially around Zurich, lower noise.”

 src=Captain Peter Koch, C Series programme and fleet chief for Swiss Aircraft arrived in ZRH, reported that the airline had put the aircraft through its paces with more than 100 landings. “It’s very intuitive for pilots. You can tell it’s designed by pilots for pilots – OK with some engineers in between – but the feedback on sidestick and throttle really do make it intuitive,” he commented.

There are some differences to the interiors of the Swiss CS100 and FTV5 on which demonstration flights were given at the show. Swiss has selected seats from ZIM, which are newly certified for the airline’s use, though Wojahn is “quite sure they’ll offer to others”. Also, each passenger has a small screen in the passenger service unit which can provide, amongst other information, a moving map, flight progress and advance gate information for connecting flights.

Bernie Baldwin, editor, Low-Fare & Regional Airlines/laranews.net
Farnborough, UK

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