FARNBOROUGH 2016: Mitsubishi outlines customer support plans

The Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation (Mitsubishi) has identified MRO Japan, HAECO Americas and PEMCO World Air Services as its preferred airframe MRO partners for the MRJ, with the former covering Asia and the latter two covering North America.
The OEM has signed a Letter of Intent with all three parties and hopes to finalise each of the contracts by the end of 2016. Mitsubishi also said it will utilise Pratt & Whitney’s network for engine MRO services.
In terms of its broader support offering, deputy head of customer support for Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, Peter Turner, explained the aim is to provide “regional jet service at turboprop operating costs.”
With a current team of 250 people, the customer support organisation for the MRJ is in the planning phase with the hope of being ready for mid-2017 (one year before the aircraft is due to enter into service) when it will treat the flight test vehicles as if they belong to Mitsubishi’s first airline customer.
By 2018, when the aircraft does enter the commercial market, Turner expects the MRJ’s customer support team will reach 400 employees.
To ensure its customer support programme is at a high level of maturity from the beginning, Mitsubishi is partnering with Boeing, CAE and Saab. Boeing is helping Mitsubishi create a web portal, myMRJfleet.com, which will provide access to technical documents covering spare parts and repair orders, service request information and access to aircraft health monitoring (AHM) services. Turner confirmed the third MRJ flight test vehicle is fitted with ACARS and is testing AHM in real-time with Boeing.
Elsewhere, CAE will provide Mitsubishi with a training programme and devices, establish global training centre locations and deliver training to customers for pilots, flight attendants, ground operations staff and mechanics. Saab will provide Mitsubishi with technical publications through the MRJ’s web portal based on latest industry standards and tailored to the customer’s fleets.

Pictured (left to right): Richard Kendall, CEO of HAECO Americas; Peter Turner, deputy head of customer services for Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation; Pastor Lopez, CEO of PEMCO World Air Services; and Seiro Arakawa, president of MRO Japan
Stephanie Taylor, assistant editor, Low-Fare & Regional Airlines / LARAnews.netFarnborough, UK

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