FARNBOROUGH 2016: Embraer ups 20-year forecast

Embraer has released its new market forecast for the 70-130+ seat segment of the market, covering the period from 2016 to 2035.

The OEM forecasts a demand for 6,400 aircraft during the period, which chief operating officer Luis Carlos Affonso confirmed as a slight increase from the company’s previous forecast.

Affonso reported that the main drivers behind the increase continue to be the same. According to the COO, these cover direct replacement and right-sizing, replacement of some 50-seat RJs plus a certain amount of regional aviation development. Then there are the 100-seaters being taken on by US majors and the replacement of 70-seaters there too.

Also among the drivers are the low-fare airlines in Asia and Europe which are looking to aircraft below the standard A320/737 choice. Finally, there is the opportunity for turboprop replacement. “The E175-E2 will be almost as efficient as a turboprop even on quite short routes,” claimed Affonso.

The geographical split for the deliveries sees North America still leading with 2,020 (32%), followed by Asia-Pacific 1,690 (25%), Europe 1,160 (18%), Latin America 690 (11%), CIS 380 (6%) and then Africa and the Middle East each to receive 230 aircraft (4%).

Bernie Baldwin, editor, Low-Fare & Regional Airlines/laranews.net
Farnborough, UK

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