FARNBOROUGH 2016: Airbus and NavTech combine to create NAVBLUE

Following the acquisition of NavTech by Airbus earlier this year, the OEM has launched an integrated flight operations and air traffic management service company, NAVBLUE.
NAVBLUE’s portfolio integrates Navtech’s existing product offering with Airbus ProSky’s air traffic management solutions as well as Airbus’ flight operations innovations such as ROPS and FlySmart. It will also draw on the unique expertise of Airbus Defense and Space to support both civil or military environments, on the ground or on board any aircraft.
Created to provide a complete range of digital end-to-end and integrated flight operations solutions, NAVBLUE will function as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Airbus and become a key unit of Services By Airbus, but it will not be limited to Airbus aircraft.
Its offering will be focused around three pillars. The first, Data+, will consist of aerodata products; the second, N-Software Services, will provide tailored software services enabling customers to enhance their operations through software solutions; and the third, Bespoke Solutions by NAVBLUE, will optimise the overall air traffic management ecosystem by providing products and services around safety, compliance and performance monitoring.
Mike Hulley, NAVBLUE’s president and CEO, averred, “I am looking forward to leading into the future our new company, NAVBLUE, which is fuelled by the customer-centric agility of Navtech, combined with the pioneering philosophy of Airbus. Together, we will benefit from an expanded global footprint stretching from
Waterloo to London to Toulouse and beyond.”
Laurent Martinez, SVP of Airbus’ services business unit, added, “NAVBLUE will give a new impetus to the market and bring confidence in fully digital value propositions to our existing and future customers – for all types of aircraft. I am also confident that NAVBLUE will evolve and thrive, in the same entrepreneurial spirit as Navtech has done over the last 30 years, as an agile, independent challenger and global flight operations and air traffic management service provider.”

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