FARNBOROUGH 2010: CAE and ATR sign comprehensive agreement

CAE has signed a master agreement with ATR as a framework for providing a range of products and support services to operators of ATR aircraft.

As part of this agreement, ATR and CAE will collaborate on deployment of simulation equipment and training programmes in ATR, CAE or customer training centres worldwide.

CAE is already under contract to provide the world’s first ATR 42/72-600 full-flight simulator (FFS) and associated training devices. ATR has also partnered with CAE Flightscape to offer flight data analysis (FDA) and flight data monitoring (FDM) services to all operators of ATR aircraft. The CAE Flightscape FDA and FDM services help monitor trends in flight operations to improve safety and efficiency.

Under the terms of the master agreement, CAE and ATR will develop and deploy the latest in simulation-based training devices and training programmes in a training network around the world. In addition to the provision of simulation equipment, CAE will provide support services that could include simulator upgrades and maintenance as well as leasing of simulation equipment and training centre space when required by ATR.

The CAE Flightscape FDM software will enable ATR operators to systematically perform all the major functions of the flight data analysis process. Flight data monitoring significantly enhances the evaluation of trends during flight operations and assists with identification of risk precursors. The service, offered jointly by ATR and CAE, is backed by a reliable state-of-the-art software tool that enables a graphical reconstruction of the flight to be replayed, highlighting the parameters which are the focus of attention for items such as abnormal events and deviations.

“ATR has successfully partnered with CAE on a range of training programmes, and this master agreement making CAE our support services partner elevates our relationship to a new level on behalf of our mutual customers,” commented Jean-Pierre Cousserans, ATR’s senior vice president of customer services. “The new flight data analysis and flight data monitoring service will assist our customers in further enhancing safety management when operating their ATR fleets.”

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