Falko portfolio increased with 2 Q400s bought from GOAL

Falko Regional Aircraft and GOAL German Operating Aircraft Leasing have announced the acquisition by Falko of two Bombardier Q400 NextGen aircraft from GOAL which have leases attached to Croatia Airlines.

The addition of the first Q400 NextGen aircraft to Falko’s portfolio follows the company’s recent acquisition of its second CRJ900. The two Q400 NextGens were acquired by GOAL in 2010 at delivery from Bombardier with leases to Croatia Airlines. With this sale, GOAL has been able to streamline its Q400 portfolio.

“The addition of these Q400 NextGens is the latest in a series of acquisitions since Falko’s creation in 2011 and represents a further step in the development of the business,” declared Mark Hughes, Falko’s executive vice president – corporate finance. “The purchase is another key development for Falko as we further expand the aircraft products and lessees in our portfolio. Falko is converting a strong pipeline of acquisitions into real portfolio growth. Since we closed our first acquisition just over 12 months ago, we have now added 12 aircraft to our portfolio demonstrating our commitment to build our business in the regional sector. We have further transactions nearing completion and hope to add more aircraft to our portfolio in the near future.”

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