Eznis Airways and ANA sign co-operation agreement

All Nippon Airways and Eznis Airways have signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement to explore bilateral co-operation in a broad range of areas such as management, operations, and charter flight services between Mongolia and Japan to aid the long-term development of air transportation between two countries and beyond.

The airlines are discussing further details of the partnership but the co-operation is expected to benefit customers of both countries by providing them with greater choice and flexibility.

Keisuke Okada, ANA’s executive vice-president, remarked, “I believe that the strategic partnership between our two companies will allow the aviation industry to play its role in the development of the Mongolia-Japan relationship. The nature of our long-term partnership will also significantly allow ANA to maintain our competitive advantage in the Asian market.”

Munkhsukh Sukhbaatar, Eznis CEO, added, “I am very excited about the changes and progress we will be able to make following this partnership. Furthermore our partnership will create fantastic opportunities for other sectors of Mongolia’s economy.”

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