Extra few months delay to MRJ first flight

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation have reported that while static strength testing and manufacturing of further flight test aircraft are all proceeding smoothly, to incorporate fully the results of the ground tests and related feedback into the first MRJ flight test aircraft, the timing of the first flight has been reviewed and is now scheduled for September or October of this year.

MHI and Mitsubishi Aircraft say that they will implement intensive flight testing following the first flight and accelerate aircraft manufacturing towards first delivery, the schedule for which remains the second quarter of 2017.

On 1 April, MHI and Mitsubishi Aircraft launched a new management structure to facilitate transition of the MRJ project from the development stage to the manufacturing phase. Also, back in January, Mitsubishi Aircraft relocated its complete head office functions to the Nagoya Airport Terminal Building (Toyoyama-cho, Aichi Prefecture) next to where the MRJ’s final assembly, ground testing and flight test are performed. Relocation to this site, they companies say, has resulted in “a highly efficient business operating structure”.

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