ExpressJet joins JetBlue University Gateway Programme

ExpressJet Airlines has partnered with JetBlue Airways through the JetBlue University Gateway Programme to offer three distinct pathways from an Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI) partner school through to ExpressJet and then on to a career at JetBlue.
Each pathway requires students who have graduated from an AABI partner school to serve as a flight instructor for one year to meet Airline Transport Pilot and Restricted Airline Transport Pilot minimums and contribute to overall flight times as listed below.
From then, pilots can choose the ‘ExpressJet to JetBlue’ route, during which they would be required to serve as a first officer for ExpressJet for at least 3,000 hours and 36 months for at least 4,000 hours total flight time. At this point they would be granted an interview with a view to begin training at JetBlue.
The second option is ‘ExpressJet to Cape Air to JetBlue.’ Pilots on this career pathway would serve as a first officer at ExpressJet for at least 1,800 hours and 24 months, but move on to serve as a captain at Cape Air for at least 1,000 hours and 12 months, creating at least 3,800 hours flight time overall.
The final pathway is ‘Cape Air to ExpressJet to JetBlue,’ whereby pilots serve as a captain at Cape Air for at least 1,000 hours and 18 months and then as a first officer at ExpressJet for at least 1,800 hours and 18 months. This would add up to at least 3,800 hours total flight time, the same as option two.
The new ExpressJet pathways join the long-standing partnership between Cape Air and JetBlue. A separate ‘Cape Air to JetBlue’ option requires graduation from an AABI partner school, flight instructor experience and at least 2,500 hours and 24 months at Cape Air for at least 3,200 total flight hours plus a jet transition course before an interview at JetBlue.
“ExpressJet and JetBlue share similar values and a dedication to hiring highly qualified pilots, making our partnership both a good culture fit as well as mutually beneficial for each airline and our pilots,” noted Brad Sheehan, SVP operations, ExpressJet Airlines. “We're excited to introduce this new partnership to further solidify ExpressJet as the best regional airline for collegiate aviators to begin their careers.”
The new partnership will also offer current ExpressJet pilots who meet all programme requirements an additional option for career advancement.

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