ExpressJet congratulates Continental and United on merger

Following the announcement on 3 May that Continental Airlines and United Air Lines plan to merge the two companies, pending required approvals, ExpressJet Airlines – a regional partner to both majors – issued a statement of congratulations.

ExpressJet’s president and chief executive officer, Tom Hanley stated, "We are excited to hear of the news of the merger of Continental Airlines and United Airlines. Although there is no doubt that both Continental and United will undergo changes as the entities are combined, we are confident that our services to each of these partners will remain at industry leading levels. ExpressJet looks forward to being an integral part of the success of these companies for many years to come."

ExpressJet does not anticipate that the terms of its aircraft leasing arrangements with Continental or its capacity purchase agreements with Continental and United to materially change due to the merger announcement. ExpressJet’s CPA with Continental covers a minimum of 190 aircraft through to 30 June 2015, and its agreement with United covers 11 aircraft for a minimum of three years, 11 aircraft for a minimum of two years – both effective 1 December 2009 – as well as 10 additional aircraft from May to December 2010.

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