Eurowings selects flight ops IT from Lufthansa Systems

Eurowings has decided to use the flight planning solution Lido/Flight and the electronic flight bag solution Lido/FlightBag from Lufthansa Systems (LSY) for its flight operations.

Lido/Flight enables fuel savings of up to 5% due to optimised flight routes, says LSY. At the same time, Lido/FlightBag provides pilots with access to the electronic navigation charts of the Lido/eRouteManual as well as operations manuals and can reduce the printing and distribution costs of an airline.

"With Lido/Flight and Lido/FlightBag we have decided on two market-leading solutions. Besides the strong savings potential of the systems, it was important for us to obtain both solutions from a provider with whom we are already enjoying a close co-operation," explained Denis Gros, head of operational services/flight operations at Eurowings.

Besides Lido/Flight and Lido/FlightBag, Eurowings also decided to implement the performance management solutions Lido/TakeOff and Lido/Landing. With Lido/TakeOff the optimal takeoff thrust can be calculated, which reduces the wear of the engines. Using Lido/Landing at a later stage, pilots can calculate the optimal parameters for the landing processes. Both are integrated components of Lido/FlightBag.

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