Eurowings CRJ crews to use Pacelab CI OPS

Lufthansa Regional affiliate Eurowings is to equip its electronic flight bags on Bombardier CRJs with Pacelab CI OPS, an application which supports dynamic cost index operations.

The software will be introduced in time for the summer schedule and is expected to significantly reduce the fuel consumption and carbon emissions of the CRJ fleet.

With Pacelab CI OPS on board, flight crews will be able to respond directly to deviations from the original flight plan caused by delays, ATC directs or adverse weather conditions. Taking into account Eurowings’ specific cost index and the scheduled arrival time, the software automatically determines the most economical altitudes and speeds for the remainder of the route and allows pilots to evaluate alternative scenarios. By enabling a situational optimisation of the vertical flight profile, Pacelab CI OPS fills a functional gap in the onboard flight management system of regional aircraft, which has so far prevented an application of cost index operations.

Pacelab CI OPS will be deployed along with Lufthansa Systems’ EFB solution Lido/FlightBag and their flight planning system Lido/Flight, which will use Pacelab CI OPS-generated performance data to create CI-optimized flight plans.

The introduction of a tightly integrated set of software tools is part of a larger strategy to optimise the airline’s operational efficiency and another important step toward the paperless cockpit. "Our investment in state-of-the-art hardware and software will help us sustain our long-term business objectives of maximizing cost efficiency and delivering enhanced services to our passengers", said Denis Gros, head of operational services/flight operations at Eurowings.

After Lufthansa CityLine, Eurowings is the second Lufthansa airline to introduce Pacelab CI OPS. The software has been standard issue on board Lufthansa CityLine’s Bombardier and Embraer regional jets since 2009 and has quickly produced tangible savings for the airline.

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