Ethiopian Airlines orders two extra Q400s

Ethiopian Airlines has signed a firm purchase agreement with Bombardier Commercial Aircraft for two additional Q400 turboprops, which will bring the number of Q400s in the carrier’s fleet to 19.
tBased on the list price of the Q400 aircraft, the transaction is valued at approximately US$63 million.ttIn 2013, Ethiopian Airlines joined Bombardier’s global network of Authorized Service Facilities (ASFs) for commercial aircraft and now performs line and heavy maintenance on Q400s at its Bole International Airport facilities in Addis Ababa.ttTewolde Gebremariam, Group CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, explained, “The Q400 aircraft continues to be an integral part of our expansion strategy in Africa. Through our strategic partnerships with ASKY Airlines in Togo and Malawian Airlines in Malawi, the Q400 airliner has played a vital role in availing convenient connections, as well as increasing frequencies to support air travel growth in Africa and successfully creating a missing“The Q400 aircraft is also our core fleet to our domestic and regional destinations, thereby ensuring excellent passenger experience, operational flexibility and economics,” Gebremariam continued. “We continue to work with Bombardier to support and maintain the aircraft through our approved Q400 ASF and our Q400 aircraft simulator.”tt“The Q400 turboprop continues to make impressive headway in Africa and has proven its ruggedness and reliability in challenging operational environments where its hot and high capability, jet-like speed and high rate of climb are significant assets,” noted Fred Cromer, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft’s president. “Some 69 Q400 aircraft are now in service with more than 20 operators on the continent, and we are delighted with Ethiopian Airlines’ continuing growth and impressive use of the aircraft to satisfy a wide variety of market requirements.”tt“Our commitment to help Africa continue to expand its regional airline network with modern, economical, fuel-efficient and environmentally sensitive aircraft remains a very high priority at Bombardier,” added John Kassis, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft’s VP sales in Africa and the Middle East.ttEthiopian Airlines has won Airline Reliability Performance Awards from Bombardier for five years in a row and, with this new agreement, has the largest total Q400 fleet in Africa.

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