Estonian Air signs for social media ancillary revenue application

Estonian Air has become the latest airline to adopt Airsavings’ new Facebook integration feature called Let Me Think, an ancillary revenue feature which is booking-engine agnostic and is currently being implemented across other European airlines using Amadeus, Sabre and Navitaire.

The Let Me Think solution merges the interactivity of social media with the growing trend of online booking and ticket price comparison. It is embedded within Estonian Air’s website and booking path, providing an easy way for passengers to input their personal data to select and reserve fares and further encourages their travel decision-making process.

Travellers can ‘lock-in’ a selected fare for a limited time and then have sufficient time (24 to 48 hours) to share their itinerary and travel plans through Facebook with colleagues, friends or family and decide upon booking the flight. As well as providing a new way to create an additional revenue source with added value for passengers, it also establishes new leads, marketing and revenue opportunities among the passenger’s friends and online social circle, while providing a privacy-conscious way to aggregate data on potential passengers.

Travellers on Estonian Air can now access the Let Me Think application directly from the Estonian Air website. Once a flight is selected, a Facebook user’s social media profile can be added to the flight by clicking on the “Use Facebook” button. The passenger’s details are then automatically loaded from their Facebook data and with their permission.

“Working with Airsavings has been very valuable for us. In addition to the benefits to our customers provided by the Let Me Think solution, we also see a bigger possibility to introduce abroad the national airline and also Estonia as a destination. Estonian Air as a launch airline is proving again its innovative approach worldwide among airlines,” declared Rauno Parras, CCO of Estonian Air.

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