Estonian Air and Lufthansa Consulting announce network planning application

Estonian Air has been working with Lufthansa Consulting to develop a new innovative consultancy product to improve network planning and scheduling for smaller airlines, following the Baltic airline’s own announcement of a new network strategy focusing on pragmatic growth.

The pair note that regardless of the size of the fleet, every airline has expenses incurred by their fleet and network planning units which use different databases and systems. With the new solution “Rent-a-plan”, the companies say airlines benefit from continuous network planning support at a minimum cost. They enjoy access to the most advanced network planning tools, data, advanced methodologies and skills from a specialist partner instead of extending “in-house” resources and investing additional funds for these tasks.

Dedicated Lufthansa Consulting personnel support carriers using this approach throughout the entire planning workflow such as long-term (once every three years), mid-term (once a year) and short-term (twice a year prior to season start). Estonian Air and Lufthansa Consulting are using the network planning tool powered by LiftPlan as a technical platform for the “Rent-a-plan” service.

“To develop schedules and network, we constantly need to analyse people’s travel patterns and the competition situation on the market. We worked with Lufthansa Consulting already in the past, but now – for the first time – we have access to needed information and data systems in a customised and cost efficient way, so that our analysts can make decisions based on state-of-the-art technology in the field of commercial planning,” remarked Estonian Air’s chief commercial officer Rauno Parras.

“‘Rent-a-plan’ boosts quality and speed of planning at small- and medium-size airlines without additional overhead costs,” stated Ala Toukatli, partner and principal airline strategy and network at Lufthansa Consulting. “We are pleased to see that Estonian Air is once again a pioneer and innovator and the other airlines across the globe recognising the practical value of our approach.”

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