ERA 2015: FAST Phase 2 one of many developments at Pratt & Whitney Canada

Giving updates on a wide range of the company’s products, Richard Dussault (pictured), vice-president marketing at Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) highlighted the ongoing development of the FAST (Flight Data Acquisition Storage & Transmission) system, which automatically transmits engine and aircraft performance data for analysis after each landing.

FAST Phase 2 turns raw data into analytic information that can be used to further reduce aircraft flight delays and cancellations. “Phase 2 has been developed using feedback from Bombardier Q400 operators who have been using the system since it was introduced in 2011”, Dussault remarked.

P&WC has been adding to the number of STCs for FAST. “The Q400, Q300 and Q200 are now all certfied by the US FAA, EASA, Transport Canada and the Thailand DCA, while the ATR 42 and 72 are certified by both the FAA and EASA,” Dussault noted.

After noting the agreement to restart PW306B production for the TRJ328, and P&WC’s plans to be involved in the PW100 engine for the T328 turboprop, the VP reported that the PW150C programme for the Xian MA-700 is on schedule for certification in 2018. “They have 185 MA-700 commitments with 11 customers,” he confirmed.

Dussault then announced that Antonov is aiming to aim to fly a prototype An-132D (which is a modified An-32) late next year as part of a demonstration programme and that the aircraft is to be powered by PW150A engines.

Meanwhile, PW100SMART has been launched, described by Dussault as “a series of options for operators to address, in particular, the older engines. We want to keep the fleet flying as MRO gets more expensive with older engines. So we’ll make it more economical”.

The eight offerings within PW100SMART are designed to keep aircraft flying with predictable maintenance costs, improve reliability and dispatch availability and increase time-on-wing performance. They include part discounts and credits, capped and fixed cost programmes, a flat rate engine exchange, discounts on FAST and on select engines purchased through P&WC’s Fleet Enhancement Program (FEP).

Finally, Dussault reported the introduction of the Severe Operating Environment Program for PW100 and PW150 engines. The programme includes specialised packages of replacement parts, again designed to improve time-on-wing performance.

Bernie Baldwin, editor, Low-Fare & Regional Airlines/
Berlin, Germany

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