ERA 2013: Mitsubishi announces new market forecast

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation (MITAC) has updated its market forecast, predicting worldwide annual capacity growth between 2013 and 2032 of 4.7% and the need for 5,570 regional jets over that period.
Of those required RJs, MITAC expects 5,240 in 70-100 seat segment, according to director and head of sales, Yugo Fukuhara (pictured). “The mature markets are still the ones which will receive the majority of those, with 53% of deliveries expected to go into North America (33%) and Europe (20%),” he commented. The other 47% is made up of 19% of deliveries to the Asia-Pacific (including China), 11% to Latin America, 8% to the CIS, 6% to Africa and 3% to the Middle East.
MITAC forecasts needs in other market segments as 2,510 turboprops, 20,030 narrowbodies and 7,230 widebodies.
Bernie Baldwin, editor, Low-Fare & Regional Airlines/
Salzburg, Austria

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