ERA 2011: SSJ100 to lose a tonne as SJI forecasts orders

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company and SuperJet International (SJI) has announced a weight reduction campaign on the Superjet 100, while forecasting more orders from the batch of sales requests-for-proposals (RFPs) to which it is responding.

Speaking in Rome at the ERA General Assembly, SJI CEO Carlo Logli (pictured) commented, “We were about 2 tonnes above the first specification for the operating weight empty which we set right back at the beginning of the programme in 2005. We’ve begun the weight reduction campaign and have already identified areas which will reduce the OWE by 1 tonne and we aim to have that completed within a year.

“I’m pleased to be here as I can now talk about something in service, not ‘when will it enter service’,” Logli remarked. “Since Armavia put the aircraft into service, it has flown 851 flight hours. It is flying the longest route with the aircraft, from Yerevan to Madrid, which is almost 5 hours. Aeroflot has built up 465 flight hours so far.”

Production is set to be ramped up by SCAC. First, five more SSJ100 deliveries will be made in 2011, then the plan is to deliver 28 aircraft in 2012, and 40 in 2013. One of those aircraft next year will be the first to go to Venice for SJI completion. The aircraft will go to SJI’s customer Interjet of Mexico. Logli expects EASA certification in December to help facilitate the delivery.

Discussing the sales outlook for SJI, senior vice-president commercial, Paolo Revelli-Beaumont, stated, “We hope to have an announcement involving Africa in the next six months. We answered a large RFP from Delta and are in the process of answering an RFP from SkyWest, a 700-aircraft company. And before Farnborough next year we hope to be able to announce more Western customers.”

Bernie Baldwin, editor, Low-Fare & Regional Airlines/

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