Engine ‘Hospital Shop’ announced by Delta TechOps

Delta TechOps has launched a dedicated aircraft engine Hospital Shop developed to specialise in strategic aircraft engine repairs requiring limited engine intrusion.

The ISO 9000-certified Hospital Shop will deal in shorter-visit aircraft engine maintenance spanning from as little as one day to ten. It is also expected to reduce turn times across Delta TechOps’ other aircraft engine services, including overhauls, as this special line of less-intrusive aircraft engine maintenance will not fall into other engine work queues. Additionally, the new structure includes a specialised team for engine field maintenance.

The Hospital Shop will cover GE CF34-3 and CF34-8 and CF6-80 engines, CFM International CFM56-5Bs and CFM56-7Bs, and Pratt & Whitney PW2000 and PW4000-94.

Services on offer at the Hospital Shop include: zero checks; boroscope blend repairs; top case HPC blade and shroud replacements; gearbox changes and repairs; turbine rear frame repairs; accessory drive module replacements; fan disc and case changes; booster changes; MGB changes; fuel nozzle changes; and engine conversions.

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