Embraer’s backlog reaches record high

By the end of the second quarter of 2015 (2Q15), Embraer’s firm order backlog had reached $22.9 billion, the highest level in the company’s history.

At the end of the previous quarter (1Q15), the firm order backlog was $20.4 billion. During 2Q15, the company delivered 27 aircraft to the commercial aviation market (22 E175s, three E190s and two E195s) and 33 aircraft to the business aviation market, for a total of 60 aircraft – compared with 58 aircraft delivered in 2Q14.

The Commercial Aviation backlog at 30 June 2015 is made up of five E170s, 168 E175s, 66 E190s and 25 E195s, plus from the E2 family – 100 E175-E2s, 77 E190-E2s and 90 E195-E2s. Those figures add up to a total of 531 E-Jets on firm order.

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