Embraer performs first metal cut on E195-E2

tEmbraer has started the parts production process for its E195-E2 prototype with the lateral rib of the stub, which is on the Central Fuselage II section, at its headquarters in São José dos Campos, Brazil.tt“Just as the roll out and the maiden flight are milestones in any aeronautical programme, so is the first metal cut,” explained Paulo Cesar Silva, president & CEO, Embraer Commercial Aviation. “It's the moment when the aircraft begins to take shape, validating the thousands of hours of engineering development and the virtual drawings made in computers. The programme is within the timeline set forth, and with this event, we begin to manufacture the first E195-E2 that will fly in 2017, with first deliveries taking place during the first half of 2019.”ttThe first delivery of an E-Jet E2 – the E190-E2 – is expected for the first half of 2018. The E195-E2 is scheduled to enter into service in 2019 and the E175-E2 will follow in 2020.ttIn comparison to the current generation E195, the E195-E2 will have three additional rows of seats. This increased capacity allows for 120 seats in a two-class configuration or 132 in single class. The jet will bring savings of 24% per seat in fuel consumption when compared to the current generation E195 and a double-digit reduction in fuel consumption compared to a re-engined E195.

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