Embraer, MTU Maintenance Lease Services sign lease engine co-operation

MTU Maintenance Lease Services and Embraer Aviation International have created a new service to provide spare lease engines and lease engine support services to Embraer’s E-Jet operators in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

According to the agreement, MTU Maintenance Lease Services will now act as Embraer’s recognised supplier of CF34-10E lease engines and lease support services.

“More and more operators are demanding guaranteed spare engine availability to ensure uninterrupted flight operations,” noted Martin Friis-Petersen, managing director of MTU Maintenance Lease Services. “With our continuously growing pool of spare engines and extensive know-how in the lease engine market, we can help them improve their operational reliability and cost competitiveness. Thanks to the collaboration with Embraer, we will be able to offer our support to an ever larger number of customers and strengthen our position as the leading independent service provider for the CF34-10E engine.”

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