Embraer delivers 90 commercial aircraft in 2013

Embraer delivered 32 commercial aircraft during the fourth quarter of 2013 (4Q13), taking its total deliveries to the airline market last year to 90 aeroplanes.

Embraer noted that it therefore met the estimated aircraft delivery guidance proposed for 2013 – the company achieved this for both commercial jets and executive jets.

One E170 was delivered during 4Q13, taking the annual total to 4. For the E175, the respective figures were 12 and 24. The model with the largest number of deliveries was the E190 with 14 in 4Q13 and 45 for the whole year. Finally, 5 E195s were delivered in the final quarter taking its total in 2013 to 17.

The main highlight of 4Q13 was the deal with American Airlines for 60 E175s, with options to buy an additional 90 jets of the same model.

The order backlog for each current model at the end of 2013 showed the E170 with just one undelivered firm order. The E175 has 188 in its backlog while the E190 has 73. The E195 had 17 remaining firm orders to be delivered

Also ordered last year were the first of the E-Jets E2 family. The firm backlog there stands at 100 E175-E2s (the SkyWest order), with the E190-E2 and E195-E2 each having 25 firm orders (all 50 aircraft having been ordered by ILFC).

Finally, Embraer noted that the deliveries and firm order backlog include orders for the Defense segment of the company placed by State-run airlines (Satena and TAME).

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