Embraer delivers 20 commercial airliners in 1Q11

During the first quarter of 2011 (1Q11), Embraer delivered 20 aircraft to the commercial aviation market and eight to executive aviation, leaving the firm order backlog on 31 March 2011 standing at $16 billion, an increase of $400 million over the figure at 31 December 2010.

The split of the 20 commercial aircraft deliveries in 1Q11 was one E-170, two E-175s, 11 E-190s and six E-195s.

The first three months of the year saw commercial aircraft sales by Embraer to Dniproavia (10 E-190s), TRIP (4 E-190s, one of which was already included as an ‘undisclosed customer’ in the backlog of 4Q10), Alitalia (15 E-175s and five more E-190) plus KLM’s firming up of five options for E-190s. In all, Embraer sold 44 new E-Jets in the first quarter.

In its backlog at 31 March, Embraer has just two ERJ 145s to deliver from the complete 135/140/145 family. The E-Jet backlog shows nine E-170s, 54 E-175s, 170 E-190s and 35 E-195s for a total of 268. In addition to the 987 firm orders, the E-Jet family also has options for 705 aircraft across the four models.

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