Embraer comments on AD for E-190

In response to the press articles, referred to as ‘Embraer E-190 Jets Need Checks For Metal Cracks”, that were based on ANAC’s (Brazilian certification authority) AD EH 2011-05-04, Embraer has clarified that the Airworthiness Directive (AD) was issued to formally comply with regulatory requirements and that it has no impact in the operation and safety aspects of the aircraft.

The AD instructs a maintenance programme update and calls for a change in some structural inspection intervals, and is based on the Full Scale Fatigue Test Requirements for aircraft certification under the requirements of ANAC, US FAA, European EASA and Canadian TCCA.

No unscheduled structural inspection of the E-190 is being requested in the AD. The AD is an update issued by the airworthiness authorities and is a normal process in the industry to comply with issues following the certification process of the aircraft. Under this normal procedure, the authorities use Airworthiness Directives to communicate with all aircraft operators.

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