Embraer and Compass extend total support deal

Embraer and Compass Airlines have reached an agreement extending until 2020 the current total support programme covering the carrier’s current fleet of 36 Embraer 175s, making Compass Embraer’s largest customer under this programme.

“We are very proud to provide support to Compass Airlines through our service solutions programmes, which include over 4,000 part numbers,” commented John Linn, Embraer vice-president, customer support & services, airline market – North America. “With this contract extension, the airline has demonstrated a high level of confidence in the reliability and availability of Embraer services for their fleet.”

The programme is designed to allow airlines to minimise their upfront investment on expensive inventories and resources, while taking advantage of Embraer’s technical expertise and repair and supplier networks. This can result in significant savings on inventory carrying costs, a reduction in required warehousing space, virtually eliminating the need for resources required for repair management, and, finally, guaranteed performance.

“Compass Airlines is always in search of cost-effective ways to improve our operation while safeguarding the efficiency and quality of its services,” noted Rick Leach, president and CEO of Compass Airlines and president of Trans States Holdings. “We trust that Embraer’ services will help keep our aircraft flying, while protecting the cost efficiency of our operations and the quality of our services.”

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