Ellinair signs PBH contract with AJW Aviation

Ellinair has chosen AJW Aviation to provide full power-by-the-hour (PBH) services for its Airbus A320 aircraft as it plans to fast-track its modernisation programme and increase its fleet of A320s to five aircraft within two years.
Since the company’s launch in 2013, Ellinair has rapidly expanded its route network, connecting mainland Greece and the Greek Islands with Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Latvia, Georgia and its latest destination, Turkey.
AJW has strategic hubs of commercial Airbus and Boeing spares across Russia, Kazakhstan, the Baltics, and the Mediterranean, to support a wide range of power-by-the-hour contracts and sustain the its 24 hour-a-day, 365 days-a-year AOG service.
“Our relationship with European carriers of all sizes is underpinned by the measureable value for money and excellent customer service that is embodied within an AJW flexible power-by-the-hour agreement,” remarked Colin Craig, AJW Aviation’s commercial director. “As Ellinair grows the operation and expands its route network, it knows it can rely upon AJW to deliver the dispatch reliability that will nurture its reputation and enhance the brand.”
AJW Leasing will site main base kit at its operational headquarters in Macedonia International Airport in Thessaloniki.

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