Editor’s Comment: Too much choice is good

LARA editor Glenn Sands provides a summary of the latest happenings across the low-fare airline and regional aviation industry.

The announcement this week that FlyBosnia will launch its first service from Sarajevo to London Luton on 24 September is an indication of the desire for Europe to become ever more connected.

The thrice-weekly service marks the resumption of air connectivity between Sarajevo and the UK after more than ten-years following the vicious civil war in the region.

Perhaps this is an indication that while politicians still argue over Brexit and a possible ‘no-deal’, the ordinary Europeans simply want to get on with their lives and be able to board a regional or LCC and fly around Europe, on business or holiday without all the on-going political rhetoric echoing in their ears. A low fare and minimum hassle, it’s a simple formula and many operators have seen the light and continue to strive to make things as smooth as possible from entering the terminal to choosing a seat.

It’s perhaps slightly ironic, that as Europe’s regional and LCC work together to ensure a profitable market for all, while now keeping an eye on their environment impact following political pressures from some nations, in the UK we’re looking to go our own way and pull back from the union.

While I’ve watched countless politicians and political commentators discuss Brexit on news broadcast for the last 12 months. It’s the ordinary European regional air traveller that I fear for. Will the days of being able to jet across Europe to foreign capital for a long weekend become far more complex?

I hope not, because losing the desire to travel, simply due to the potential hassles involved, can have a far greater impact than simply to the airline’s online booking account.

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