easyJet selects WorkBridge ground planning software

easyJet has selected WorkBridge to supply resource planning software for all the airline’s ground handling operations.

WorkBridge and its software platform will provide planning support, allowing easyJet to optimise the management and allocation of people, equipment and resources, to enhance workload performance, and to analyse capacity requirements as these parameters change across its bases.

Graeme Macleod, easyJet’s head of ground operations, explained, “Following a detailed investigation and demonstrations of products on the market it was clear that WorkBridge had a product that not only met the needs for easyJet in this area, but that was also the leading product on the market today for operational planning. We are looking forward to realising the benefits this product will clearly bring to the airline.”

Christian Møller, sales director WorkBridge, remarled, “WorkBridge is pleased that a high profile airlines like easyJet is also seeing the enormous potential in cost reductions and operational optimization; that we can deliver with our dedicated software platform for ground handling. Furthermore we expect that easyJet’s strategy, where they will also use technology actively in their commercial and operational dialogue with local service providers, will show the way for other airlines in the industry with a much higher degree of transparency and knowledge from airlines when they source and negotiate ground handling services in the future.”

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