easyJet reports July passenger stats

easyJet has announced that in July 2016, it recorded 7,506,939 booked seats compared with 7,036,470 in July 2015, a 6.7% increase.The load factor for the month (again based on booked seats) was 95.8%, up by 1.5 percentage points from the 94.3% achieved in July 2015.For the rolling 12 months ending 31 July 2016 the airline had booked seats totalling 72,343,355, an increase of 6.8% over the 67,710,099 booked seats in the 12 months to 31 July 2015. The respective load factors for these periods were 91.7% and 91.4%.The airline reports booked seats as opposed to actual passengers carried because no-shows are counted as refunds for them are only made in exceptional circumstances.

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