easyJet implements Lufthansa Systems’ Lido/FMS

Lufthansa Systems has signed a long term agreement with easyJet for the airline to use its Lido/FMS (flight management system) solution in addition to the other electronic navigation solutions that easyJet introduced in early 2014.The Lido/FMS database contains all important route information such as altitude data, airways and airport data for optimising navigation and supporting autopilots on board modern aircraft. The navigation data, based on global aeronautical information, are updated every 28 days according to the AIRAC cycle. The electronic navigation charts of Lido/eRouteManual and the Lido/iRouteManual and Lido/Enroute apps used by easyJet also access these highly accurate data and display all relevant geographical information true to scale.By migrating from paper-based navigation charts to the electronic solution, easyJet has been flying with paperless cockpits since the end of May 2014. “The optimal interaction between the electronic navigation charts and Lido/FMS offers us numerous advantages,” reported Warwick Brady, chief operating officer of easyJet. “The systems provide harmonised navigation data and promise operational and safety benefits.“

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